Beeswax as a barrier for our skin.

Florence Chan

What is beeswax? Beeswax has a natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that are created as a barrier to protect beehive against bacteria from outside environment. When it is use on our skin, it becomes a barrier to help shield off pollutants and allergens that often cause irritation to our skin.

Our “light-weight” beeswax lotion is suitable for HK’s humid summer. It is handmade with only beeswax and natural oils. The oils that are used includes grapeseed oil, which is light, easy-to-absorb and good for sensitive skin and Coconut oil, which is good for soothing sensitive skin.

People always hesitate to use oil for summer, but the fact is that light-weight oil helps our pores reduce the secretion of facial oil, which could clog up pores creating an environment for bacteria to grow and eventually become pimples.